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What We Do

TradeNoesis is the first-ever intelligent trading platform. TradeNoesis trading platform reduces the workload on the trader’s shoulders, allowing you to trade more actively, effectively, and with greater flexibility than ever before. Our platform allows you to manage multiple systems, currency pairs, and accounts in a few clicks.
With TradeNoesis, you will spend less time programming and managing your trading process and more time finding new trading opportunities to pursue. Succinctly, we want to turn the model around and have the technology do the work for you while allowing for a wider range of possibilities for you. We own the technology – we are committed to its long-term development with our dedicated, in-house developers and support staff.
We internally develop and operate strategies with our capital and with regulated asset managers. We do this to bring Alpha to our members via the trade copier. The focus of TradeNoesis is on facilitating trading strategies with a focus on limited draw-down and Alpha-producing returns. We offer training and support which will enable you to understand TradeNoesis strategies, as well as the potential to develop your strategies over time.
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What We're Offering

Key Features

Trader and Account Algorithmic Profiles

Manage multiple systems, currency pairs and accounts with only a few simple clicks

Timed Trading

Set strategies, systems, or Forex trade profiles to activate at any time, with or without you present

Algorithmic Auto Trading

Manage trade executions via advanced risk methodologies to spend more time finding trading opportunities

Order Anonymity

Enhance the security of your Forex trade position, mainly your “trader invisibility” status

Intelligent Stops

Unique feature for risk management which makes the difference between winning and losing in Forex trade

Execution Time


Advanced Risk Management

With TradeNoesis, you can manage your gains and losses, time value, and other metrics via our management tool

Automatic Fibonacci Levels of your Choosing


Once our members have gained enough knowledge, Terms and Conditions apply depending on the members’ knowledge and experience. Please register now to let us know that you’re interested in what we can do for you.
Monthly skills challenges are available to all members. These are set in a safe, virtual environment, with real-time pricing. For the top-ranking traders, we’ll offer funded accounts each month. Funded accounts apply to the trade copier service. Our members will benefit from the efforts and skills they gained in the virtual environment and be able to apply what they’ve learned in real life.

Use TradeNoesis as a trade copier with a preferred broker and benefit from our Alpha strategies – take control of your risk/reward!

Ultimately, the main purpose of TradeNoesis is to reduce the Forex trade workload so the technology does it for you – up to 90% of what you currently have to do. In short, we want to turn the model around and have the technology do the work for you while allowing for a wider range of possibilities for you. These features are a part of the brain of the platform, and are only the tip of the iceberg of what TradeNoesis can do for you.
You have the opportunity to create your plan, plan trades through modules and training tools, and do so in your own time. Following that, you can apply profiles to your account(s) and they will execute trades based on your criteria. Trading with TradeNoesis eliminates emotional responses, hesitation, or overthinking from the equation and allows you to trade based on your predetermined plan by accepting risks and potential gains from day one. Your yearly subscription will include an additional one month of entry into the competition. It can be activated within the 12-month period in which you can participate in the trade skills challenge.

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