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Key Features –

Key Features


To date, there has never been a platform that had its own ‘brain’. One that you could program, to do exactly what you wanted it to do, trade the way that you want it to, think the way you do……

Trader and Account Profiles

Our platform allows you to Manage multiple systems, currency pairs and accounts with only a few simple clicks. Each currency pair, strategy, and the system can be managed through a custom profile with modules specific to each account via our “trading profiles” feature.
With TradeNoesis, you will spend less time programming and managing your trade and more finding new trading opportunities to pursue.

Algorithmic Auto Trading

Auto-trade is the brain of TradeNoesis that allows you to trade more intelligently. The philosophy behind the auto-trade system is to provide you with more time to find great trade opportunities while spending less time trading manually. It helps eliminate emotion, hesitation, fear, greed, overtrading, etc. from the Forex process. You can use our auto-trade feature in several ways which offer unique Forex methodologies not available on other platforms.
  • Manage trade executions over time
  • Use our advanced risk methodologies for making profit and managing stops and risks automatically
  • Create trading profiles across multiple pairs, time frames, and accounts
This is just the beginning of what TradeNoesis can provide you with in terms of useful trading tools.

Intelligent Stops

Unique methodology for managing risks. It features setup options which can make the difference between winning and losing. It is a never-before seen feature which can help you, the trader, automate even more Forex trading tasks. More information on Intelligent Stops is available once you register an account at TradeNoesis.

Advanced Risk Management

Traditional Forex trade is unrefined and limited due to the technological limitations of most platforms. Pip and price management per trade are what most trading platforms have to offer, and nothing more. In practice, this means that you have to decide the price or amount of pips you want to manage with each trade.
Now you can manage your trade with:
  • % Gain/ Losses.
  • time value.
  • Gains/Losses management tool
This can be done:
  • per pair/or group of pairs.
  • per system/groups of systems.
  • per account/groups of accounts.
  • or globally across all points.

Timed Trading

Our “Timed Trading” feature allows you to Set particular strategies, systems, or Forex trade profiles to activate at any time, with or without you present. The “Timed Trading” feature allows traders to activate OR deactivate trade at certain times, before or after an announcement, or at the start of a new trading session.


This allows traders to set up certain parameters so the platform will trade in the way they want it to trade at any moment. This applies both to trade activation and termination at any given moment.

Order Anonymity

Enhance the security of your Forex trade position, mainly the “trader invisibility”. This is a worthwhile feature for larger institutions, hedge funds, and various private entities which are concerned about counter-parties’ awareness of their position’s details. The position order itself remains housed on our private servers until the moment the trader price is reached and the trade is ready to be executed. Your pending order remains completely invisible to banking institutions.


When your Entry/Exit price is reached, the order will be executed. This means that your trade is completely “invisible” to all counter-parties until it’s been filled. What does this mean for order processing: All orders are displayed as MARKET ORDERS (Buy/Sell) – nothing more, nothing less. No Entry/Exit levels are visible to counterparties whatsoever.

Execution Time

Automatic Fibonacci Levels of your Choosing


Ultimately, the main purpose of TradeNoesis is to reduce the Forex trade workload so the technology does it for you – up to 90% of what you currently have to do. In short, we want to turn the model around and have the technology do the work for you while allowing for a wider range of possibilities for you. These features are a part of the brain of the platform, and are only the tip of the iceberg of what TradeNoesis can do for you.


You have the opportunity to create your plan, plan trades through modules and training tools, and do so in your own time. Following that, you can apply profiles to your account(s) and they will execute trades based on your criteria. Trading with TradeNoesis eliminates emotional responses, hesitation, or overthinking from the equation and allows you to trade based on your predetermined plan by accepting risks and potential gains from day one.